For The Planet

Each team that buys TeamBook will also join the #teamtrees community and contribute to the planting of more than 50 trees. We aim to partner with one of the most active bodies in the field of tree replanting – the Arbor Day Foundation. They believe “trees are an important part of the solution to many critical issues facing the planet and humanity” (Arbor Day Foundation, 2019). For this reason, they carry out awareness campaigns and take on concrete projects to help make a difference.

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For The Club

No more paper and money waste related to printing pre-match report and all the other paper documents. Investing in TEAM BOOK, innovative technological support, is the right solution to save time and money, start a green change and reduce the use of paper.

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For The Players

A true revolution: all the information provided every week through meetings and paper documents, always at hand, available at any time and downloadable on your smartphone. With TEAM BOOK there’s no room for excuses. Every detail of the sports performance will always be available on your device. TEAM BOOK is the tool able to stimulate SELF-CRITICISM in every athlete, helping to improve personal and team performance

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For The Coaches

With TEAM BOOK the technical staff will be able to manage immediately every aspect of the team in a unique, dedicated, organized and highly personalized way. • Video sharing, team and individual tactics and statistics • pre and post-game management section • ‘My Team’, to manage feedback and group and individual communications • Weekly Plan • Weight program, individual food schedules and much more…

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